Wednesday, September 11

Amalfi Coast Sea Caves

When friends come to stay with us we always make sure to take a day off, rent out a boat and 'do' the Amalfi Coast. The coastline from Positano towards Capri is wild and natural, unspoilt mountainside and cliffs with seagulls circling overhead and the possibility of mermaids hiding between the occasional rocky island.
But head towards Amalfi and it is a different story. The coastline in this direction is more developed, little villages and towns tumbling down the hill towards the sea, grand villas with steps leading to rickety jettys, beautiful little bays and some amazing caves. We'd already done the other direction so this time we went towards Amalfi.

In between Positano and Praiano there is a little tunnel that if you find, you can swim or paddle right through to the other side..You could just about get through it in a small boat. I filmed it going through with my kayak once:

There is another cave just to the left of the Africana nightclub, it's easy to find, the entrance is almost perfectly rectangular. You can drive in with a small boat, just be careful in case there are swimmers inside. Once in look back at the entrance, you get that magical light effect similar to the Blue Grotto on Capri.

We made our way down to Minori to show our friends the Grotta del Pandora, a huge cave that goes on and on, you can scuba-dive in it too.
It gets darker and darker the further you go, and you get dripped on from the cathedral high ceiling. Bit scary..
And then out again, back towards Atrani where you can't help but take a few photos  as you pass by...
You have to stop at this little waterfall. Anchor the boat and jump in, swim over to the cascade and get absolutely battered by the freezing cold water. It will make you laugh, gasp, scream and gulp for air all at the same time, but you'll come back onboard with a big grin on your face.
Just to the left of Amalfi (if you're looking at it from the sea) is this little beach in a cave, which is fun to explore  even without kids. There's all sorts of unexpected stuff in there..
Like these piles of stones that were on every flat surface in the cave...
And this strange still pool full of smooth white stones...
 Often in the afternoons on the Amalfi Coast the wind picks up, so remember to bring hairbands. We didn't.

On the way back to Positano it is obligatory to sail closely past all the big super yachts and try and get someone onboard to wave at you.
When you get back to shore you will be windswept and salty. But don't worry, you've got back just in time for Aperitivi, so go sit down and have a drink!


  1. When thinking back at my favorite days from our vacation this summer, this day always comes up at the very top. I just love exploring the caves, and any day that involves boats is automatically good in my book :) Thank you for bringing back the memories!

  2. ahhhh! finally getting to play catch up here! So looking forward to reading all about life in Posi :D


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