Friday, September 20

An Amalfi Coast Wedding

The preperation of the bride. (Normally I leave after this point, but this was the wedding of friends so I actually had an invitation!)
The arrival of the guests in the piazza. The Chiesa di San Luca is situated at the top of Praiano with views stretching across towards Salerno. (This is about when I wished I had had more time to get ready as everyone was soo glamorous. I'd just shoved on a borrowed dress in the brides bathroom, once I'd prepared her.)
The church service. In Italy anyone can go into the church while a wedding is taking place. People seem to wander in and out at their own will and little kids aren't stopped from running around. So very informal really.
The Magnificat..( spotted on the ceiling in the church)
The pre-dinner snack outside the church. This was a great idea! While the newleyweds went off to have their photos taken  all the guests and everyone outside the church were fed and watered from this amazing buffet that just appeared out of nowhere while we were all in the church.
The rice..
And the confetti...
For the bombardment of the newlyweds as they come out of the church!
The journey to the reception by motorino. Parking in Praiano is not easy so the 3 of us squeezed onto the moped for this quick journey.

The dessert table. THis was huge, I could only fit about a third of it into the photo..
The cake..
The other dessert table..Confession time: By this point it was midnight and the desserts hadn't been started yet...We were exhausted and had to work early the next we snuck out and went home..shhhh! Yes, we missed out on all those cakes and desserts, yes we didn't see the couple cut the cake, yes, we are naughty...But sometimes you just gotta do what you want to do and not whats expected of you.
But damn, we regret not trying those cakes!

Tantissimo auguri a Roby e Richy!

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  1. I just love how they celebrate , with all the food for the guests too .. The church looks fantastic ,, :-)


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