Monday, September 23

Gino in Naples

 The filming of the second episode of Ginos Italian Escape took place over different days. The second part of the show was actually the first day of filming, so we were all just getting to know each other.
Our location was inside an extinct volcano crater that had become fertile farmland. It was also poppy season and there were flowers everywhere.
 We were filming in a restaurant situated inside the crater. All the fresh produce used in the kitchen is from the land here and is all organic. If you ever find yourselves in Bacoli, or in Naples with a desire to get away from the city I would recommend visiting La Casolare di Tobia.

 We also filmed at Il Vero Bar del Professore, one of my favourite stop offs in Naples. It's an old style coffee shop that sells 63 different types of coffee. I usually get the one with a big dollop of Nutella in it.
As we were a small crew I offered to help out with the lighting...which was fun until the reflector got snatched out of my hand by a gust of wind and walloped me in the face.
 One of the cooking segments was filmed on the rooftop of the hotel that the crew were staying in. I, being a local, didn't get a room and ended up camping out on my brother in laws couch for 2 nights. I missed out as on the last day the Naples hotel, Hotel San Francesco al Monte, was declared the best out of all the hotels we stayed in.

The view from the rooftop:
 Gino doing his thing:
As I was taking photos of the view a seagull just happened to fly past.
Here we were up the top of a castle in Lettere, a small town quite a way out of Naples. I had never heard of this castle before, although now I see it on the right hand side every time I go to Naples. The views from the top were amazing.
And this 'wistful' scene (Gino ended up banning the word 'wistful' as it was used a bit too much) was during a long road trip from somewhere near Rome to Amalfi. We took the back road towards Amalfi which leads over the mountains, and came across this amazing drop off as the sun was setting.
You can watch the show on ITV iplayer or but the book Gino's Italian Escape on Amazon.

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