Wednesday, September 25

La Tagliata Restaurant - Positano

The first best thing about La Tagliata is that it stays open all year round. This is a biggie in a town like Positano where 90% of everything closes for the winter. The next best things about La Tagliata are the food and the views, in no particular order. The restaurant actually moved home a couple of years ago and the new place is even better than the old one. Inside it is still very rustic with tomatoes and onions from the restaurants gardens hanging to dry from the ceiling.
The restaurant is set up on the cliffside in Montepertuso, just above Positano and the view is spectacular. It looks down over the town and before it gets dark you can see all the way to the Faraglioni of Capri. In the summer they open up the terraces to dine on  and you feel like you are hanging off the cliffside.
You don't need to see a menu here, in fact I'm not sure if they even have menus, I've certainly never seen one. Just trust Peppe when he offers you antipasti. Say yes. (Or si.) Then in the blink of an eye your table will be covered in many many plates of delicious antipasti that aren't quite like anything you've had elsewhere in town.
  And I didn't photograph it all because it was disappearing in front of my eyes..
 Lots of plate passing...Lets see there was tomato salad, mozzarella balls, prosciutto, chickpeas, borlotti beans, fresh peas, spinach, broccoli, parmeggiano di melanzane, and other things  that were eaten so fast I forgot what they were..
I suggest not ordering pasta as a first course, but not everyone is a lightweight like me:
 Fun fact about Skye: Her first visit to La Tagliata was when she was a precious 12 days old..she only wanted milk. Nowadays she eats more than me.

Then the best bit, what La Tagliata is famous for. (Look away now if you are vegetarian).

Get the plate of mixed grilled meat, then you get to try a bit of everything.
Mountains of chip arrive on the table too, and bowls of salads.

 I can never resist a piece of filet steak, and here they are huuge.

Dessert. Again, just get a bit of everything, there's no point in holding back at this stage of the meal.
 At some point you will probably meet Peppe who runs it with his family. If you're not sure how to get there and back, don't woory , they have a shuttle service that will pick you up and drop you off. Just call in advance to book and make sure you ask for a table with a view! You can find out more on their fun website: La Tagliata Positano.


  1. I've been there!
    It is a fun place with all the essence of Italy... We ate and drank and twirled our napkins.
    Looking beautiful as always Nicki!

  2. Hi, we have been following your Facebook page for soem time now. Arriving on 17th October in Salerno on the Queen Elizabeth and hoping to find a shore excursion that will take us to Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. Can't wait to see for ourselves all the fabulous sights that you have posted and hope to be able to have a nice lunch in a restaurant like this during our sightseeing tour.
    Malcolm & Jane

  3. Yes to all the above. Visited many times. We love the food. The only problem for me is I normally get full on the starters. It's a must too visit. Positano has many great places to eat but this is The Meat Restaurant to eat at. Love the blog Nicki. Missing Positano even thoe I'm sitting here in Bali. Must say the food here is no where close to Positano. Can't wait to visit again next year.

  4. Wow what a fab place and open all year round :-) .. Love all the food , not sure how much I could eat though. How wonderful that they have a shuttle service ,, ♥ well done to them

  5. We tried to make a reservation here last week but unfortunately they were all booked up. Had heard great things about it so we were very disappointed. Fortunately our hotel owner recommended Il Ritrovo which is also up on the mountain. It was fabulous! I ate far too much but it was worth it. Looking forward to trying La Tagliata next time!


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