Friday, September 27

Not-pears and a request.

 In the winter, before we moved into this house, while we were renovating I spent a day wandering around the garden with Zio.  I was curious to know what fruits all the trees bore and I'm pretty sure he pointed out the tall tree in the back garden and said it was a pear tree. I like pears so I waited patiently all summer but never saw a pear grow on that tree.
A few days ago I had another look and found that nets had been spread under the tree and something was defiantly dropping into them. I had no idea what these things were though..
Nonno was sitting on a step nearby doing something with buckets. I took my two things-that-weren't-pears to him and asked what they were. He chortled at me for being so clueless and showed me how to soak the not-pears in water and peel the outer shells off to reveal....

Walnuts! We have a big walnut tree in the garden! He pointed out a smaller tree nearby that might or might not be a real pear tree, but there were no fruits from it this summer so I won't take his word for it yet.

2. I had a request! I love getting requests like this, I was messaged via Positano Daily Photo facebook page and asked to walk up the beginning of the coastal pathway that leads to Fornillo beach. If I looked over the wall I would find a manhole cover, could I please take a photo to show where the boys used to jump into the sea from many years ago.

Now, I'm not sure how long ago we're talking about but I know the pier area has changed a lot in the last 50 years. First of all I may have gone a bit too far, but I've been reliably informed that many years ago kids used to climb up this rock that sticks out beneath the archway and jump into the sea from there.
 Totally impossible these days..
Then I backtracked because there was no manhole cover.. I then found this, looking over the wall inbetween the ferry ticket office and the bar:
 Did the sea used to arrive here? Is this where kids used to jump off?
Let me know if you used to play here! And any other requests are welcome!


  1. Hi Nicki , I cannot believe you have a Walnut tree in the garden ,, love them !

  2. wow! Fastest comment ever! I know, I'm really happy too!

  3. From the looks of things, I would say that they did fill in the sea. After they filled in part of the sea they cemented (US English?) those flat stones in place. I live by Norwich, Connecticut USA and there is a sizable area near the Thames River that was filled in many years ago.

  4. Discoveries, such fun! Peeling walnuts is a real messy job! Not that I have done it, but I know from living in Armenia where people love their walnuts. They even make confiture out of the unripe ones, before the shell hardens. It's also a nasty process.

    Loved your search for the manhole cover! It's fun seeing the photos because I've been to the Amalfi Coast and recognize the scenery.

  5. My hubz saw the pear looking thing and he realized that those small "apples" the squirrels have been dragging around our yard are actually... walnuts. Thanks for solving our mystery! lol



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