Wednesday, September 18

Recipe from the garden +

And again we find ourselves with 'nothing to eat' because nobody has done the shopping for days. So we're forced out into the garden again to see what we can find. Immediately we find a whole load of ripe red peppers ready to be picked. We can stuff them, right? A quick phone call to Nonna for advice gives us a rough idea of what to do, but really we're just happy knowing that we will eat tonight!
I cut the peppers in half and clean them, then sit them in a baking dish like little bowls. Then I mix the stuffing. Nonna was quite vague about this...she mentioned rice or breadcrumbs, capers, tomatoes, olives and said not to cook the rice beforehand because it would absorb the juices whilst in the oven.

So I basically mixed about half a cup of uncooked rice with about the same amount of breadcrumbs, chopped up a couple of plum tomatoes, threw in some capers and olives and some chopped mozzarella and hoped for the best.
I stuffed the peppers with the mix, then poured a little bit of water into the bottom of the baking dish because I wasn't convinced there was enough 'juices' to cook the rice...and put it in the oven. In hindsight I should have probably put little pepper or tomato 'lids' on to keep the moisture in, but I didn' was OK...
After about 45 minutes they were ready. I was quite pleased with myself, they tasted good, although the tops had dried out a bit. So with a couple of modifications I have another self sustaining dish from the garden.
Changing the subject, Monday was the first day of school, the first day of MIDDLE school. We were up nice and early, dressed, out the door, up the 465 steps in time, feeling very pleased with ourselves...only to find the car had been completely blocked in by another parked car.

Thankful this being a small village, I recognized the car, ran to the owners house and rang the bell. Nothing. I banged on the door. Nothing. I found the phone number and called, I could hear it ringing inside but the owner obviously couldn't.

By this time a small crowd had appeared, eagerly watching the mornings entertainment. One man helpfully kept banging on the door for me, another called the car owners cell phone, while I kept calling the house phone and a little old lady encouraged us all, telling us that he was definitely in there.

Time ticked by..the car owner remained asleep...We resorted to running across the village to Zio's house and borrowing his car (again thank God for small villages and big families). We finally arrived at the school, 45 minutes late for the sorting, which was just like in Harry Potter but with balloons instead of a talking hat, and outside in the playground rather than in a big hall...

And of course because the sorting was outside within about 5 minutes of us arriving and finding out that Skye had already been called and watching her run off to her new classmates standing in the centre of the playground, the heavens opened and it absolutely POURED down with rain.

It was bedlam. Everybody scattered, everybody got drenched, the school gym was locked, there was only one door open and there were about 200 kids and 400 parents and teachers all trying to get through it at once. Once inside it was worse.  All the kids had been taken into classrooms and all the parents were left squeezed into the corridor. I figured there wasn't much point in staying, as long as I knew what time to pick Skye up later, so I made my escape..

And found a parking ticket stuck to the car windscreen*.
And then my shoe broke.
And then my phone battery died.

*Turns out not all bad as the parking ticket was 'borrowed' from the next car along. Carlo put it back before we left, clever boy!


  1. Peppers sound delicious! Smart guy that you have there...

  2. Thanks for the timely reminder about stuffed peppers. It's time!!

  3. Wow, what a morning! The peppers sound pretty delicious!

  4. Who says life in Italy is all so slow and easy and relaxing? And the weather is always sunny...


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