Monday, September 2

September in Positano is...

Feeling a slight delicious coolness in the air.

Watching ballerinas rehearse on the stage on the beach.

Seeing olive nets hanging from tree to tree like bunting.

Taking evening walks with torches to watch the last of the yachts lit up in the bay below.

Admiring strings of fairy lights flickering in the plum tree outside my kitchen window.

Noticing splashes of red in the garden from ripening peppers and tomatoes.

Making up brides, it's a busy month for weddings.

Finding time to kayak and swim before its too late.

Getting used to doing the school run along the Amalfi Coast road every day. Twice.

Waiting excitedly for the arrival of the annual Fish Festival.

What is September like where you are?


  1. What is my September like?? Pretty dull compared to yours.

    Oh I wish I was there now , LOVE Fish and love it more in Italy , how lucky to have a Fish Festival , Love Fritto Misto .

    A very cheery, colourful post ♥

  2. Sounds like a pretty wonderful time of year for you! I am looking forward to a bit of the cooler weather as its been pretty hot lately here in Southern California. I hope to get to the Amalfi Coast one day! aren't fairy lights fabulous? I have some in my tree out in our garden.

  3. September here can be pretty darn fantastic. Clear, crisp air, sun is still warm but nights are cold and dark. September is a soft landing in our regular schedule, normal daily life, but we aren't bored with it yet, memories of summer holidays still fresh in mind. Birthday cake in the beginning, mindblowing colors at the end.
    I like September :)

  4. September in NYC can be very beautiful. The humid air slowly gives way to crisp breezes; drugstores like Rite Aid decide to stock up on fall decorations for one's home; pumpkins everywhere.....tea, coffee, donuts, name it; leaves turning color everywhere but especially beautiful in Central Park. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, the beginning of Setember forces us to confront once again the tragedy of 9/11 and given the current world seems especially upsetting this year.

  5. Silvia, It sounds lovely (although a bit sad :(, I've only ever been to NY in the winter...3 times!

    Annika,how cold?

  6. Annika , Sweden sounds good in September :-) Yes sad for New Yorkers , I have never been , in fact I have never been to America.

  7. Lovely! When is the fish festival on? Would be great if it was while I'm there end of Sept.!

  8. Karen, you might be there...its usually the last week of september, I havent seen the posters yet, will let you know!

  9. I like the image created here of Positano. Not a huge fan of fish but all sounds like fun. September in Edmonton Canada, winding down summer going in to you know what. :)

  10. It's cold at night - about 5 degrees in the mornings now, we'll have frost soon - but by midday it's up to 20 now, maybe 10 or 15 by the end of the month.

  11. September in Rime is pretty fantastic too! Cooler temps, weekend afternoons and a clear blue sky. I don't envy you doing the school run on those curves!

  12. It's already getting cold here, not even cool! You continue to ignite my jealousy. I've read your first posts - hilarious but still doesn't dissuade me from wanting to move to Italy.

    Cheers, K

  13. OK, so I got it wrong, it's still blimin hot here, early 30's this week!

  14. September in Kansas is beautiful. Warm days, cool nights and the gardens are bursting with produce. Is it possible for a novice to kayak from Praiano to Positano...or to Capri? I cannot find a good gauge to tell me how far it would actually be by kayak. Thanks, Nicki. My wife and are eating up your blog and the amazing information you offer.


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