Monday, September 9

Shopping at Antica Sartoria

Walking around Positano you will notice a lot of women carrying these aqua and gold coloured bags. A lot of women...and a lot of bags. Eventually you will come across the shop where the bags come out from, and you will soon have your own little aqua and gold bag(s).
For the Antica Sartoria is strangely irrisistable. It is one of those shops that is very hard to walk out of with empty hands.
What does it sell? Let me show you around:
Are you starting to see whats so irresistible about it...And of course, how wallet friendly it is too..Inside it's like an Aladdin's Cave of clothes and trinkets, easy to get lost in and never come out again...
Every year they change the theme of the store and bring out loads of new designs, and every year every woman I know finds something that is just right.

Aren't the necklaces just perfect for flinging over the top of one of those white kaftans?
More happy customers!
If you can't wait to get to Positano to see whats on offer you can check out their website Antica Sartoria Positano. Oh and me? This year I bought a lovely white cotton scarf with pom poms on the tassels and a black and white pareo whih I also use as a scarf....or will do when autumn arrives!


  1. I have a closet full of these! You are right, it is impossible to leave there empty handed.

  2. When I was in Positano I had a tour with a local woman but sadly shops were closed when I had some free time. I was staying in Nocelle and never made it back for shopping. I did however see this shop and was enticed.

  3. It is the perfect place for scarves and light linen tops. The best part is that I always get comments... and I can say "oh this? I got it at a little place in Positano."

  4. Just the kind of clothes you want for Positano, and for memories after....dreamy!

  5. It looks fantastic! Another one to add to my list of must sees while I'm there!

  6. Love this place!! Wanted to go back and purchase more but 7 days on the Amalfi coast was not enough, but will hopefully be back this summer!!

  7. Dont they have a webshop? I love the clothes...

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