Friday, September 6

Wine Dark House - Positano

Last night, after work we sat down at the harbours edge watching the boats come and go as the sky turned slowly pink. By the time it was dark it was too late to go home and start cooking dinner so we stayed out.

Spoilt for choice restaurant wise we decided to eat at Wine Dark House. Set back from the bustle of the beach it is nestled in a little piazza at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the main church. And it has sparkly fairy lights in the trees!
For starters two of us shared the Antipasti del Capitano, a mix of fresh fish cooked in every way possible. It was gone in a flash.
For the main course we all went for seafood. Spaghetti vongole which Skye tried to finish but thankfully couldn't so we got to eat the rest (bonus of small kids, you get their food as well as your own).
 Insalata di Mare, seafood salad. A mix of fresh octopus, calamari, clams and mussels drizzled in olive oil and lemon juice.
 And Zuppa di Cozzze with the obligatory basket of fresh crusty bread for soaking up the juices.
For some reason we thought that the Wine Dark House didn't do desserts. We flagged down Nicodemo the owner and asked and found out that they do have a small selection of desserts, all made on site. So of course we had to try.
We ordered one each and ate a third before swapping with each other...we actually do this all the time, with main courses too.. please tell me it isn't just us?

Torta Caprese
Semifreddo croccante with caramel sauce
Panna Cotta with chocolate sauce
You want to know how good these desserts were? This good:
I've always thought Wine Dark House was a strange name and I've just looked at their business card. In brackets underneath Wine Dark House is written (La casa color del vino) the wine coloured house....Oohh, now it makes sense, the building is painted dark red! Anyway, we had a great meal there, it's a beautiful location in a quiet corner of town, so try it out if you're in Positano.

Wine Dark House, Via del Saracino 6/8 Positano +39 089 811925


  1. Hi Nicki, you are just a big tease LOL , oh my word, my favourite foods of all time Fish and Pasta. Spaghetti Vongole mmmmm Insalata di Mare yummy ,, What is there not too love. I am definitely going to have to sort this trip out.

    Ah now I see why you decided to eat out , ha ha. I would still have to cook :-(

    We don't normally swap any of our meals , I might give someone a taste . I am more of a starter lady and my hubby a dessert man , but I am sure you are not the only ones !!

  2. Oh we definitely swap and taste! Danny has suddenly grown too big to leave leftovers so he has ours.

    Looking at your blog I suddenly understand why I didn't see you around this summer. Lovely place you call home!

  3. The first fresh fish course looks amazing! Is this what a regular good restaurant in Positano is like?

    Cheers! K,

  4. Anne, I know, we just 'have' to find an excuse to eat out at least once a week!
    Rosa, I'm glad its not only us, in the daytime I've been at Bluestar mostly, not just at home!
    Champagne S, yes, this is just one of many...I'll probably work my way though them here!

  5. We will be trying out the 'wine colored house' ~ some things are lost in translation!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Looks like the same meal we would order. We share or offer each other tastes of most meals and deserts too. I am known to have licked a plate or two in my day too!


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