Friday, October 18

Breakfast at Casa e Bottega

Sometimes a quick coffee and cornetto standing up at the bar just doesn't cut it at breakfast time. Luckily this year Casa e Bottega opened up in Positano, giving us a place to hang out with friends and enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch or just a snack.
Visually the place is absolutely stunning. Everything you see around the room is for sale and there are some very tempting items!
Foodwise, the menu is based on fresh organic produce, locally sourced if possible and everything is prepared right in front of you. As I walked around taking these photos Tanina, the owner was making a pear and ricotta cake. Half an hour later I was eating it :-)
Smoothies, organic teas, gluten free cakes, fresh muffins and amazing salads and sandwiches are available from 10am until 7pm. I find myself making excuses to go there very often.
Mini wild strawberry muffins...

Why don't my kitchen shelves look like this?
There's that cake I was telling you about! I almost love the plate more than the cake...and it's for sale too.
Maybe I should just buy one  item every week and slowly build up a collection...
My friend ordered a cappucchino and it arrived with this little bowl of bite sized yummy things..cookies, meringues with chewy centres, flour free chocolate cake bites and coconut balls.
We were just about to leave when a new delivery arrived...little octopus espresso cups,what a shame I don't drink coffee!


  1. Wow and Wow , what a super place to have your breakfast, I would be stuck on what to choose and all the super things for sale too .. Cannot believe you don't drink coffee though. xx

    1. Believe me I have tried! Espresso makes me all jittery and I much prefer them smell to the taste!

  2. That looks like a great place to hang out with friends - delicious food and beautiful things to purchase! I love the bowls on the shelves too.

    1. I love all the bowls too, makes me want to accidentally drop all mine and start again!

  3. When we come back to Positano, I will make it a point to go to Casa Bottega, so lovely!!

  4. This place looks so cute - I'm hoping to get to Positano for the day on my holiday next week. Will definitely call for lunch here if I can!


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