Monday, October 21

Cherry Orchards in Gragnano

While filming the fifth episode of Ginos Italian Escape we spent a morning in the Cherry Orchards up in Gragnano, about 30km southeast of Naples. Althout it is only about 40 minutes drive away from Positano I had never been and certainly never heard of the cherry orchards.

 It was one of the most amazing places I have seen. As we drove through the gates we saw big juicy red cherries hanging from every branch. You could literally wind down the car window and reach out and grab them!
 Vesuvius sat serenely in the background as we walked around in awe, exclaiming at the beauty of it.
 It was harvesting time (mid June) and we came across trestle tables with piles and piles of cherries that were being sorted into boxes to be taken to the markets.
I could have happily sat here all day, just gazing upwards and eating cherries, but then I had a better idea. Once filming was over I asked if I could play at cherry picking for a while.
 I was given a little wicker basket and allowed to climb high up a narrow ladder into the midst of the cherry trees where I cherry picked to my hearts content.
In the evenings during the cherry harvest there is a cherry festival held in the Borgo Castello, a medieval village above Gragnano. Here you can wander through the fairy lit streets and feast on cherry pie, cherry biscotti, and all sorts of cherry goodies.
I'm not sure if the cherry orchards are open to the public but I am hoping that I can find my way back there next year and cherry pick again!


  1. OMG I'm salivating!!! Reminds me of one time during our honeymoon in Provence, we drove along cherry orchards and bought baskets and baskets of cherries. A little too much but my, they were perfectly delicious!

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    1. Sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon!

  2. What a fun, delicious and beautiful day you must of had!

    1. It was really amazing, I hope to take Skye with me next year!

  3. A cherry orchard is one place I've never been. I can just imagine how sweet ripe cherries just picked from a tree must be. Beautiful pictures like usual.


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