Sunday, October 6

Cool enough for soup. (Recipe from the garden)

What a difference a day makes. On my way to the beach a couple of days ago I took this photo:
 And then the next day I took this one:
 And suddenly it's just a little chilly in the mornings, too cold to have breakfast with the door wide open, which I will miss.

 Now that the summer is ending we can get on with working on the house. We spent last winter renovating and there is still a lot to do. We've added a few fun things over the summer, a paddling pool, a hammock and then this...
A swing in the living room! I got home from work one evening and it was just there. Carlo must have been bored and decided to make something, but what a great idea, it has been in constant use. Skye has mostly turned into a budgie and has to be wrestled off the swing to eat and do homework and if she's not on it someone else is..So, highly recommended, if you have space in your living room install a swing!

So with the drop in temperature it felt like the right moment to make some warm homely soup. And with the amount of squash that grew in the garden I knew just what I wanted to make.
 Pumpkin, coconut and chilli soup. It's really easy to do and all the ingredients can be varied to suit your own taste. I'm sure there are more refined ways of making this but I just chop up some squash and potatoes (roughly the same amount of each), chop an onion and some garlic and add a chilli pepper*. I bung it all together in a big saucepan (I've really wanted to get a  small witches cauldron for some reason, but for mow a big saucepan will do) and boil it all up with some stock.
 When the potatoes are mashable I then just get the stick blender and blend it all together  (I don't drain away the water but I do take some out (in case the soup is too watery) and reserve it (in case the soup is too thick) adding a splash of coconut milk to the blend.
 And that's it. Easy peasy soup to be eaten with crusty fresh bread.

 *All ingredients used were from the garden except the coconut milk which came from Tescos in my suitcase.

P.S Gil your name came out of the draw first so the Fish festival t shirt and magnet are yours!

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  1. Nicki,

    You know I'm going to request an apartment hunting guide for Positano, lol. I love fall days, I never would've thought it'd get chilly there! Can't wait to see more house reno posts too. Love that swing.




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