Friday, October 25

Dinner at Palazza Santa Croce

Palazzo Santa Croce is probably the most decadent, luxurious villa in Positano. People like Justin Timberlake and Madonna have stayed, so I was very happy to be invited to dinner there recently. Even thought it was mid October it was a warm night so the table was set up on the terrace outside.
We ate marinated seafood starters, pizzas cooked in the Palazzos wood burning stove and we tasted many a fine wine. But for once it wasn't all about the food. We were itching to get up and explore the Palazzo.
Chandeliers and saucepans, anyone?

The spa room was lovely, just missing a masseuse. Erica waited hopefully for a while..
Our hostess took us round room by room, throwing open shutters and balcony doors..
So we could step outside and see the view. This was during dinner, but for some reason everyone got up and wandered away from the table for a while..maybe too much pizza!
The main bedroom is rather fantastic.. (Possibly more so if you think that a certain Justin T has most probably slept here..)
We found a teeny weeny guest room, it was more of a bed in a cupboard, but look at those antique tiles!
We regrouped around the table for more wine and dessert, but didn't stay long because the indoor pool was calling us to play...
Well, you have to really don't you? The water was incredibly warm so Lisa and I decided to have a little paddle...
Until I realized I could probably do the limbo under the fountain without getting wet...which I could...
And suddenly dresses were off and people were swimming, and I accidentally stepped off the ledge I was on and fell in the pool, just as I was saying that I didn't want to get my hair wet, and a great time was had by all..
The full moon rose and as midnight struck we bid farewell to our hostess. Before we all left there was one of those 'you-know-you're-in Positano' moments when everyone took off their heels, pulled on a pair of flat shoes and stuffed their heels in their handbags.  I walked home, up the mountain, heels dangling and hair dripping down my clothes. The moon was so bright, reflecting off the sea and the pathway that I didn't need my torch. There were a couple of boats going back and forth down below adn it all looked magical. Really, the whole evening had been magical...
But I was soon brought back to reality as I arrived home and found Skye, fast asleep and fully dressed on the sofa, her decision to wait up for me failed.

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  1. seems like a really fun night. I like those rooms.


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