Tuesday, October 1

Gino and the stolen shirt in Bari

The Masseria Brancati in Ostuni, Puglia was absolutely beautiful. It was a scorching hot day with clear blue skies and I managed to walk around and take a few photos before we started filming.
We started on the roof which had views for miles around, a sea of olive trees.
Then we went out into the groves. The director wanted to film a wide shot of Gino walking through the groves and at one point I was accidentally in shot so I ducked behind a very ancient olive tree and waited...and waited...about half an hour passsed. Had they forgotten about me or where they still filming? I couldn't risk sticking my head out and ruining the shot if they were still filming. Eventually I got a text from the runner saying I could come out. I had missed most of the fun stuff but I did catch Gino climbing out of a tree..
In Bari we were constantly warned to be careful, there were thieves and pickpockets everywhere. So we were extra careful...most of the time.
We were down this little alleyway, trying to film a small piece, but mopeds and vespas kept driving past and we had to keep starting again. Nice little old ladies making pasta in their doorways looked out and said hello to us, curious as to where we were from.

Now, I was holding Gino's other shirt on a coat hanger (he changed in between filming to keep the 'work' shirt clean) as well as my make up bags. For a moment I needed to use my hands and I hung Ginos shirt on that little wire sticking out of the drainpipe next to Gino in the photo below.  While I was powdering his forehead the sound guy moved the shirt as it was in shot. I was then sent further down the alleyway to stop traffic so they could get a clean take and off I went without the shirt.

Half an hour later in an adjacent alleyway I suddenly realize I was not holding Ginos shirt anymore! Guglielmo, (the runner whose name none of the English could pronounce so he became known as Google to all) and I dashed back to where we left it but it was gone. Google remembered the sound guy moving the shirt, maybe he had it?

We ran back to where they were filming a long segment with the ladies making orrichiette. I had to wait silently until I got the sound mans attention, he finally glanced over and I mouthed "Ginos shirt?" with hand gestures. A flash of terror ran across his face and I knew he didn't have it.

I ran back to where we'd left it. I looked frantically around every corner. I tried to ask the little old ladies but they had all gone inside and didn't answer. Finally a builder who was working nearby came over and asked what I had lost. When I told him I saw a strange look flash across his face....He knows where it is, I thought. He told me to leave it with him and come back in 10 minutes...strange.

10 minutes later we had Ginos shirt back. The builder had seen the 'nice' little old lady hobble over and take the shirt as soon as we had turned our backs. It was hanging in her kitchen and when the builder went in to question her she denied all knowledge of it! Not such a nice little old lady after all..

Note: This was not the lady in my story, this was the lady we filmed with who could make orrichiette with her eyes closed!

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