Thursday, October 3

October in Positano is...

Noticing the smell of woodsmoke in the air, a definate sign of autumn.
Wearing shorts still, but with long sleeved tops and a cardi.

Eating so much squash, grilled, in soups, in mash and roasted until I almost turn orange.Watching the boats in the bay vanish one by one as they are docked for the winter.

Looking forward to more freetime as the summer workload diminishes.Suffering after four months in flipflops, trying to cope with closed shoes.Admiring the colourful sunsets that are so intense this time of year.
Feeling hot still on the beach in the daytime, but suddenly chilly as the sun goes down, returning home and having a bath instead of a shower.Seeing the cemetery transform over the next few weeks, so many flowers, candles and lights ready for the end of the month.
Getting used to green olive nets everywhere!
What is October like where you are?


  1. October in Newberg, Oregon is much the same as yours weather wise. No boats to winterize, no nets to catch the olives, but we do have plenty of hazel nuts falling off the trees. We produce probably the largest crop of them in the world. We are a large wine area so the grapes are being picked. We love Positano and wish we could visit more often. Your daily photos brings back fond memories and "Figs & Lemons" is always a joy to read. Enjoy your extra free time.

  2. October in NYC, the Bronx:
    Tree leaves on Pelham Parkway intense shades of orange, red, and yellow.
    Acorns strewn across the ground in the parks and squirrels hurriedly scurrying to carry them off for the winter.
    Frosted car windows in the morning.
    Rainy days that force schoolchildren to play indoors---boo!!
    Makeshift 'pumpkin patches' popping up in local fruit and grocery stores! (We are city folk, after all).
    Apple Cider EVERYTHING: donuts, coffee, name it!
    Autumn in NYC can be quite lovely, too.

  3. I enjoy your blog, especially since we FINALLY got to visit Positano this past summer. I live in Central Texas, USA. Our weather is still mostly warm, with just a few cold days here and there. In October, most people are consumed with the sport of football. High school teams compete on Thursday and Friday nights, college teams on Saturday, and professional teams on Sunday afternoon and Monday night. Most farms have completed their harvests and the land is at rest. Pumpkins are harvested in fall and youngsters enjoy visiting a pumpkin patch to take fall pictures and pick out a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Everyone is excited when the coffee and ice cream shops begin to offer pumpkin spice because it means cooler weather will be here soon. Texas usually suffers severe drought over the summer, so September and October bring us some much needed rain showers. Hunting is a popular sport in the fall when we can shoot deer and dove. We are currently working on planting a fall garden of broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, brussel sprouts, beets, turnips, carrots, radishes, and swiss chard. I also make sure that we spruce up the graves of our loved ones to make them ready for the All Souls Day celebration at the end of this month. Thank you for sharing your beautiful town with us through this blog! I always look forward to reading it. Lori Mynarcik

  4. Gary, I'dlove to see the hazel nut picking!
    Silvia, it slounds lovely, like a film! I never considered apple cider to be autumny though!
    Lori, I'm glad I dont have to contend with the football! Your garden sounds a lot like ours, and I've never tasted the pumpkin spice/pumpkin pie/pumpkin latte etc that is soo popular in the US!

  5. I was in Positano at the end of October this past year. I remember the many chestnut dishes, the gorgeous sunsets and being practically the only person on the beach. Here in the Okanagan Valley October means the Canada Geese take over the beaches, the wine harvest and wine festival are in full swing, and apples and pumpkins overtake the farmers market.

  6. I forgot to mention that the biggest event in Texas in October is the State Fair of Texas! Exhibits, food, music, and fun, AND Big Tex. LOL

  7. We live about two hours northeast of Silvia and October here is almost identical to what she wrote about Fall in the Bronx. Apple cider is a Fall thing here because that is when the apple crop comes in and the apples are pressed to make sweet cider. I wonder if you are thinking of hard cider as the sweet cider we use to make hard cider takes a while to ferment. If the weather (rain, temperature, etc) is just right we get the beautiful colored leaves on the maple, oak and other trees. As I got older Fall just means more work as the leaves have to be raked up and then snow will be here too fast.

  8. October in Alabama is beautiful... but not as beautiful as Positano!

  9. Magical sunsets, finally more quiet sundays, less tourists, quality and beauty in my unique town, Nafplio..
    One of your nicest posts!


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