Wednesday, October 30

Positano Cemetery- Day of the Dead

As the Day of the Dead draws near the preparations are under way to make the cemetery in Positano look amazing. This holiday focuses on family and friends praying for and remembering friends and family who have died.
People bring flowers and candles and decorate every grave and tomb.
Little gardens are spruced up and replanted..
Have you been to the cemetery in Positano? It has the most amazing views, like this one for instance..
See these little crosses with lightbulbs? The electricians spend weeks fixing them to each and every grave in the whole cemetery.
In the evening it looks beautiful with hundreds of lights cascading down the hill.
All the private tombs are painted white so that they gleam in the sunlight.
If you're lucky you might even spot Holly..
As it gets closer to the 1st November more and more people arrive, and sit around talking, catching up with friends and family.
More and more flowers appear and every surface is covered in them.
It looks beautiful at this time of year.
I highly recommend making the time to visit the cemetery in Positano if you can, it is a lovely peaceful place with breathtaking views...just remember it's closed on Mondays and Thursdays!


  1. How sweet! We don't do day of the dead like that here, although some groups might. A couple of years ago, we went and saw the family at the cemeteries around my Dad's hometown at Thanksgiving. I especially liked the ones where there were benches, chairs and even teapots!

  2. What a beautiful place! We have been in Abruzzo for Day of the Dead before and it's fascinating.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo


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