Wednesday, October 16

Recipe from the garden: egg fried fake rice

All of a sudden there are cauliflowers ready to eat, planted in rows in the garden. When did that happen? Last time I looked here there were lettuces! I'd read a recipe a while back that had piqued my curiosity and now I had the right ingredients to try it out.
If you don't like cauliflower bear with me, this recipe tastes nothing like cauliflower, you will be surprised!

These cauliflowers are lightly tinged with pink...aren't they pretty?
So we area making egg fried rice, but using the cauliflower instead of rice. The recipe I saw suggested adding spring onions and prawns which sounds lovely, but they don't grow in my garden and I'm not planning on going shrimping any time soon, so I found some other ingredients which seemed compatible.
I decided to add onions, garlic, peppers, a dash of chilli and some mushrooms and chicken. ('shrooms and chicken not from garden).
So first of all I grated the whole head of cauliflower and spread it out on a tea towel to absorb some of the moisture.
Then I couldn't remember what to do and couldn't check the original recipe online as it was thundering outside so I'd unplugged the modem and phone line which keeps getting blitzed every time there is lightening as we are 'at the end of the phone line and take the full force of the lightening every time it strikes' whatever that means...

So I put 1 tbs of virgin coconut oil  and 1 tbs of sesame oil into a wok, then added the onion and garlic, then after a minute I added the peppers and chicken strips. Another minute and I added everything else, the mushrooms and the grated cauliflower.

I added a big splash of soy sauce and then a bit more.

Stirred, stirred, stirred until my arm ached and then I cracked an egg into it and stirred until it looked all mixed together (good technical cooking terms, eh?)

And that's it! Easy adaptable egg fried fake rice, basically a bowl of veggies that even kids will wolf down without realizing what it really is.
Just one thing though, if you're going to eat it with chopsticks, try not to drop it on the floor...

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