Thursday, October 10

The Panino Napoletano

Whenever we find ourselves in Sant'Agnello we stop off at this little bakery for panini napoletani. We tell ourselves that w're only going to get the traditional savoury rolls but nearly always walk out with something sweet too.
Who can resist little pastry boats filled with Nutella and white chocolate with smarties sprinkled on top?
Changing the subject for a moment I heard the most inappropriate radio show this morning on prime time rush hour, national radio at around 0800am. As we got into the car the song playing was the unedited version of Lilly Allen's 'Fu** You', followed by a skit entitled 'Peppo Pig goes to Central Park' acted out by the radio presenters. It went like this:
Peppo pig: mummy pig, why are we in Central Park?
Mummy pig (suggestivly, in a very deep male voice) : "because it's full of psychopaths and strange men". At that moment a strange man sidles up to Peppo Pig and whispers," keratin, MDMA, cocaine, LSD..?."
Peppo pig: oooh, look at all the pretty candies!...but mummy said never to accept hallucinogenic drugs off of st'range men in parks...
Mummy pig: I never said such a thing!
So Peppo Pig swallows 12 candies and enters another realm where he mets George Harrison playing a sitar and feels threatened by a menacing looking rainbow and a salmon...12 hours later he wakes up naked and missing a kidney in Central Park....
At that point we lost the radio signal as we crossed over the county line...our faces were aghast...was that really appropriate for kids to hear on the way to school?
Anyway, back to the bakery...they also have lots of mini pastries like these to tempt you:
You can choose what size tray you want and then choose what to fill it with. We chose a fairly small tray and filled it like this:
Obviously we won't eat them all at once!
So, back to what we came into the bakery for, panini napoletani. Essentially long strips of bread dough sprinkled with cheese, salami, mortadella, hard boiled egg and black pepper, then rolled up and baked.
Best served piping hot and straight out of the oven so the cheese is still all melty. This morning we timed it perfectly! This is by far the best brunch-on-the-go to have when you've skipped breakfast and then gone for a long walk. Panini napoletani are also very popular street food in Naples and I always pick one up at the bar outside Naples airport to eat on the plane when I go away.
What's your favourite streetfood?

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  1. Just got done eating and am now hungry again! I wish I knew about those panini when we visited Naples. They look like they melt in your mouth.


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