Wednesday, November 13

Dinner at Chez Black, Positano

A very generous couple had recently given me a gift voucher, a pre-paid dinner at Chez Black, one of the most well known restaurants on the beach front in Positano. So on a very warm and muggy October evening I arranged a date with Carlo, sent Skye to sleep at a friends house and set off from home.
The inside of Chez Black makes you feel like you are dining in a ship, all polished wood and portholes. There is a wall of photos of all the famous clients that have eaten there, Denzel Washington is a returning guest.
We let Peppe decide what to feed us and he didn't disappoint. (Sorry about the fuzzy photo.) He happily brought out the most enormous platter of seafood...this was just our starter.
I could have made 3 meals out of this! Fried whitebait and baby calamari, marinated anchovies, lightly smoked salmon, huge fresh prawns and octopus and calamari salad. I seriously considered sneaking some into my bag for the next day..
I found a perfect baby octopus, too cute to eat...
Men don't have such problems though..
Chez Black do pizzas too, you can watch the action from your table.
You can also see inside the kitchen and check out what's cooking.
Then I was called back to the table as our first course had arrived. Peppe INSISTED that we wore the silly bibs, he actually snuck up behind me and very gently tied the bib round my neck before I had realized what he was doing. We got the special dishes...Carlo hadn't seen these before and looked a bit confused, so I confused him even more by telling him that he had to pull out all the 'little sticks' ad suck them one by one..
Not really... Peppe took the lids off to reveal spaghetti con ricci di mare, spaghetti with sea urchins, one of the restaurants signature dish. It was very good and when finished both bowls were wiped clean with crusty bread.
I'd already eaten enough for about 4 days by then, but Peppe arrived with the second course, 2 huge platters of mixed grilled fish..
It was soo good, we managed to polish it all off as well as ordering desserts which we ended up sharing with a friend who popped in to say hello.
So thank you Mary Beth and Bill for the fantastic meal, we had a lovely evening


  1. Hi Nicki , wow what a fabulous place to eat, you are so lucky to all the wonderful fish dishes. Love the unusual dishes ha ha , such fun. I am ready for dinner now ,, Love fish and would have not problem with the little Octopus either.

  2. I sat on the patio of Chez Black in late November. I received undying attention, met some fellow Canadians who were ask travelling and talked to an artist painting outside the doors.

  3. Chez Black is THE place to be! The atmosphere and the food are both great... and Denzel is not the only returning 'famous' person.
    Me too ;-)

  4. That is such a beautiful photo of you two! so happy :) And now I'm STARVING for fresh seafood!


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