Friday, November 15

gnome heels and dog fashion

The day we arrived in England it was misty and raining. But I knew it would clear up, it always does when I come over for a few days. The next day the sun was shining so we decided to head out to Brighton on the south coast of England. We parked and noted that we had left the car near the painted house.
Only that it was not the only painted house in town. The Lanes are getting more and more colourful every time I visit.
I like the top half of this one...I bet we wouldn't be allowed to do that to our houses in Positano!

Brighton is the perfect place to window shop and buy quirky little gifts. We had a wander through the famous Lanes to see what we could find.
And we came up trumps. Gnome heels!! Just what one needs for walking around Positano...Sadly my common sense kicked in and I left the shoes where they were.
We turned away from the gnome shoe shop and I saw this ethereal girl with her two dogs and felt a pang of sadness..or doggie-sickness.. Holly couldn't come to England so we left her behind. We decided to buy her a present.
A couple of minutes later and we came across Bloomingtails. Couture for dogs! How silly, but you know we had to take a look!
Dresses, costumes, bejewelled collars, bumblebee outfits and barbour jackets, they had it all.
We debated over a pink Pringle sweater or something more outrageous for Carneval but eventually decided on something to keep her warm and toasty in the winter.
We then thought about what Carlo would have to say about going around with a dog wearing clothes...hmmm...
Well, it's something to look forward to when it's time to go home!

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  1. Better than what Carlo has to say would be a picture of his face when he sees Holly in that outfit! looks like you and your young lady had a ball shooping.


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