Monday, November 4

November in Positano is...

Taking lots of walks in the mountains and along the beach while the weather is still good.
Feeling ready for cooler weather as on the last day of October it hit 26 Celcius.
Noticing suddenly that the sea is empty of boats and the beach is bare.
Eating lots of pomegranates picked straight from the trees.
Looking forward to spending a week at home in England, and coming back with a very heavy suitcase!
Wearing boots and jeans finally as the weather finally does what is expected of it for this time of year.
Getting invited to expat Franks bizarre traditional Positano Thanksgiving where he cooks a turkey under a beach umbrella in his kitchen..
Visiting Naples and surrounding areas, playing tourist for the day.

Watching out for amazing sunsets that happen often this time of year.
Making plans on where to be for Christmas, we're staying in Positano this year.
Tell me about November where you are?


  1. In upstate New York we have seen most of the leaves go through their color change, and now they are all falling. We spend our weekend raking and piling leaves to be picked up by the town highway dept. with dump trucks fitted with vacuum (Hoover) attachments. We are in a rural area so our farmer’s markets are ripe with a dozen or more types of apples as well as varied types of squash, jellies, relishes, hot sauces, salsa, honey, maple syrup, pottery, wool and knitted goods to mention few.
    We have just set out clocks back (daylight savings time) so when you get home at 5:30 its dark, and cold (45 deg. F/7 deg C) and you can smell the wood smoke of your neighbors fireplaces float across the valley.

    1. The farmers markets sound amazing. The clocks went back here a week before and it's dark by 6 too.

  2. It's cold and windy here in England. I wish we were in Abruzzo! I'm very jealous. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Hi Louisa,
      Make the most of that lovely English central heating!

  3. Hi Nicki , great photos, have a fun time in England , you will certainly need Jumpers and coats and maybe even scarves. Oh the big suitcase for your dad's JAM :-) have a great time. anne xo

    1. Thanks Anne, I know I need to pack my winter clothes, Skye hasn't even got a coat now, she grew! We'll have to buy her one straight away!

  4. Here in Australia, the weather is really starting to warm up. The last of the lilac Jacaranda blossoms are dropping to the ground and summer is definitely hiding just around the corner. We have put our clocks forward for daylight saving and getting the children to bed when its still light in the evenings can be a challenge. Our early morning beach walks offer golden sunrises rather than darkness now. Our beaches are starting to fill up with southern tourists who are eager for the touch of our warm sun on their pale white skin. We are on the countdown to Christmas of course, when we will probably enjoy a hot sunny day spent by the pool.... quite different to Positano, NY and England. We are sooo looking forward to our visit to beautiful Positano in April next year <3. Best wishes from Lyndall @SeizeTheDayPublishing - southern Gold Coast, Australia :-)

  5. I saw a photo of a Jacaranda tree in Sydney the other day, looks lovely! I hope the spring weather is good to you in April when you come!


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