Friday, November 22

Olive picking

It's olive harvesting time in Positano!
But first let me introduce you to this little lamb that was actually born right in front of us on our way to school the other morning! (Not quite what I expected to see as I stepped out the front door but there you go..)
The last couple of months have seen the mountainside swathed in green netting, strung out below the olive groves to catch all the olives as they fall. The pathways and steps that cannot be covered by nets are full of squashed olives and rollerskating is impossible because the olive pits jam up the wheels. (Skye, not me.)
We have christened this nifty thing an 'olive rattler'. The head is circular with many sticking out prongsand it whirls round fast. You hold it up to an olive branch and it literally rattles the olives off the tree into the nets below.
Just like that:
And the olives then get sorted into crates and made into extra virgin olive oil. I wrote about the process a few years ago HERE if you're interested.
We went for a walk around the groves and came across what I suppose should be called a modern version of a scarecrow:
A glimpse of the Chiesa Nuova through the trees:
And then I found an even better view which made my day! A cheeky view of Positano, tucked away at the end of an olive grove...

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