Wednesday, November 6

Positano bees.

While visiting the cemetery the other day I took a few photos of the view. I noticed something bright yellow moving around in the corner of the shot and zoomed in a bit closer..
It was a beekeeper! Memories from my childhood in England immediately surfaced: watching Dad dress up in his beekeeper suit, pretending that he was actually a spaceman, following him down to the hives at the end of the garden behind the vegetable patch and my mouth watering at the prospect of being given a piece of chewy honeycomb.
I zoomed in closer and realized it was Zio Michele, so I ran down to get a closer look.
I betcha never saw a pink beehive before.. He has a few other hives dotted around the area, this one is actually on his terrace, a bit too close to home for me!
When we went inside the house to look at the honeycomb frames all the bees started following us inside and it was quite chaotic for a moment as we struggled to get them back out the door and shut all the windows.
This frame is almost full. It was very hard but I managed to control myself and not stick my fingers into it. But I wanted to..
But for being so well behaved I was given a whole pot of fresh honey to take home...Now all I need to do is learn how to make tea crumpets and I'm set for winter!


  1. I have read about roof top bee hives and have visited one on top of the Royal York hotel in Toronto. I would have loved to meet this man when I was in Positano.

  2. I love reading your blog. So nice to see another part of Italy that I have not been to (yet!).

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo


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