Thursday, December 5

December Sunsets on the Beach

December in Positano sometimes gifts us these amazing days when the weather is fine, the sky is clear and all you want to do is head for the beach. Today was one of those days so at about 3pm I grabbed my jacket and the dog and headed down into town.
Loos busy on the jetty, right? It was a Japanese tour group waiting for their boat back to Amalfi.
As soon as we got to the beach Holly ran off to find her friends. Arturo came over to say hello to me and then they were off to play with the others.
There was actually quite a few people at the Buca, which at the moment is the only place open on the beachfront.
Arturo gets a hug from a friend. (Actually, no, about 3 seconds after I took this they started fighting and had to be separated with force.)
Taking a moment to come to terms with chopping off 15cms of hair...I keep scaring myself when I pass a mirror at the moment.
Doggie kisses. I've noticed this handsome little fellow around on the beach lately, he must have been recently abandoned. I was totally prepared to take him home with us too, but he went off before I could convince him.
I went for a walk over to Fornillo beach but met some friends on the pathway. It was nearly time for sunset so we all decided to walk over to the Scogliera to get the best view.
A few others had the same idea. In fact some people come here every afternoon in the winter. In the summer the sun sets behind the mountain so you can't see it from Positano, but in the winter this is the place to be..
We stood and watch as the sun got lower..
And the sky changed colour..
And then the sun vanished behind a wall of cloud before it hit the horizon....
But it didn't really matter, because the sky was all sorts of orange and we were on the beach with a bunch of happy dogs, cold hands and old friends..What more could one ask for?
Where do you like to watch the sun go down?


  1. Sarnia, Ontario on Lake Huron!
    Nicki I love your hair colour and hair cut what do they call the it.

    1. Lucy, I dyed it just a regular dark brown in mid October, so by now the natural red is showing through..

  2. Thank you for taking us on your passeggiata. I love the hair cut!

  3. Aw, poor puppy! I hope you find him again!

  4. Hi! I'm a new reader (found you from a comment you left on the nectar collective!). I visited Positano a couple years ago and still miss it. We lived in Italy for two years (up north) and wish we could go back. What a gorgeous day at the beach!

    1. Hi Jessica, welcome! What made you leave Italy? (I can think of many reasons but can't convince my OH!)


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