Sunday, December 29

Festa della Zeppola day 1 (Donut Festival!)

The 28th December, Positano main beach is suddenly busy again like summer, only there are no boats and lots of coats. It's the evening of the 32nd Festa della Zeppola, the annual Doughnut making competition that is held on the beach every year.
Food stalls are set up all along the promenade, there's pasta&fagioli, sausage and broccoli, burgers and fries and of course later on there are donuts.
Seeing as there is nowhere to sit the hamburgers come with the fries inside the bun, clever thinking!
Over on the terrace of the Covo dei Saraceni hotel the donut competition is about to start. The judges, including the Major and the priest are sat at a long table where they have to taste each entry and give points for taste, looks and decoration...
Donut decoration like this for example:
Skye and friends had been playing on the beach all day. At some point they managed to get involved in the festival and ended up bringing all the donuts out to the judges. Skye insists she was NOT waitressing, it was a doughnut fashion show and she was walking down the runway with those plates...
Everybody soon realised that the table was NOT big enough for all the entries. There were 36 plates of donuts and the judges had to try all of them!
The decorated donuts are shown to the crowd below.
And winning the most bizzare donut look is the lobster trap...
Back over in the square the stage had lit up and a band was playing traditional Neapolitan music and drawing another crowd.
It suddenly dawns on Alfonso that he has to eat 36 donuts...
And of course, wherever there is Neapolitan music there will be Gianni, dancing so fast that he blurs..
The evening is a chance to catch up with friends often not seen since the summer, sit and have a drink in the square, gorge on free donuts, congratulate winners, dance with Gianni for a bit, walk on the beach and kick up some sand...
Eventually it is time to go home, but guess what?
It's not all over yet! The next night, the 29th December is Games Night, so fingers crossed for good weather!

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