Thursday, December 12

Positano winter sunsets

It's December and finally we can see the sun setting from Positano for the next few weeks before it disappears behind the mountain again. At this time of year I never leave the house without my camera.
 Here is a selection of Positano Sunset photos from the last few years:
This stormy sunset was taken from above the cemetery a couple of weeks ago.
This one was on Tuesday as I walked home, I had to sprint down the steps to get to a good viewpoint before it was all over.
This was about an hour ago, sitting on my neighbours roof!
This was taken on Fornillo beach one evening a couple of years ago. Skye finished her homework early and we took a long walk over to the beach and sat watching the sky and the sea change colour. I love the pink strip of wet sand.
This was years ago, see itty-bitty Skye on her skates? It must have been a Sunday afternoon as there are a few people around.
Here I was just waiting for Carlo to finish work one night.
Last year at dusk, the lights had just flickered on.
This was a freezing windy day last winter. I went down a staircase that was probably private and found this beautiful terrace with a view...
and bougainvillea too...
I think I took this from the Sponda, I didn't see the seagull until I got home.
Do you get to see the sun set from where you live all year round or just sometimes?

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