Monday, December 23

Racing to the sunset

It's half past three on a clear winters day. It's really too nice to stayed cooped up at home so let's race down to the beach to catch the last rays and see the sunset. Follow me!
Don't worry, it's timed perfectly to catch the bus back up again, I wouldn't make you walk back up...
Once you get through this last patch of olive trees you get hit with the view...
Yes, THAT view...
Down a bit further and look at that wall, no mistaking what country you're in is there?
And on past the garden of the Villa San Giacomo, with orange trees heavy with fruit.
Look up and you'll find wild poinsettias (I think) contrasting with the blue sky.
Down on the beach everything is slowly turning golden and the sea is as calm as a lake.
You meet a friend who shows you a starfish, swept onto the shore and dried by the sun.
Over at the end of the beach you fling yourself off the rocks onto the sand with joy...
Let's sit for a while and watch, the sun will be gone soon and it will suddenly get chilly.
We all try to catch the sun as if slowly falls towards the sea...
But then stand back in amazement as it hovers in line with the little island before sinking behind it and vanishing from sight.
We walk back to the square, stop to chat with a few friends and pull our coats round tighter as the air cools around us. We slowly walk back up towards the road and the bus stop, arriving just in time to catch the little orange bus that takes us back up the mountain towards home.


  1. hey nice post mehn. I like your style of writing. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog titled How To Succeed By Cheating Your Assumptions .
    keep up the good work.


  2. Beautiful post! A timely reminder about the important things during this season of the year - family ,friends, and enjoying the simple pleasures of your environment and nature's glory, especially when so many people around the world are unable to do just that. And not a Christmas tree in sight! Happy Christmas to you and your family and thankyou for your wonderful and inspiring vignettes.

  3. Thank you for bringing right back to Positano.....I could feel each step towards the sunset. I am filled with emotion....even tears. GRAZIE MILLE for this breathtaking picture of beautiful moments in Positano. I was there in July after 15 years. I had the fortune of staying there almost 5 months and studying Italian in 1998....with my ssiter and. we have wonderful local Italian friends as well. It was a wonderful experience....probably one of the greatest my in lifetime. My sister and I just love it there,,,,,,my heart is there and I will return again and again. I now have a 12 year old son and cannot wait to share it with him someday. I love following your wonderful blog. THANKS for making it possible for the world to share your experiences! TANTI SALUTI da TEXAS. Caroline McPherson White

  4. A perfect way to spend an afternoon! Thanks for taking us along with you - it's a beautiful! Merry Christmas!! xxoo

  5. Playing blog catchup. Ugh...I want to be there right now as we are under a foot of snow! Can't wait to see all this in real life :)


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