Monday, December 16

Sorrento Christmas Lights

On Sunday evening we drove to Sorrento to have a walk around town and see the Christmas lights. The town centre was busy, people wrapped up well against the Italian cold (8˚C!) out for their traditional passeggiata. It was very festive looking and the Corso was closed to traffic.
Except for the little tourist train that chugged around the main square.

Being really tall can be oh so handy when in a crowd...
Carlo was fascinated by the Santa girls so I left him to gaze at them while I went for a little walk.
Down the back alleyways that run parallel to the main street,
And back out into the main square again where I noticed the moon shining high in the sky...Hmmm, if I walk a bit more to the left and forward a bit I should be able to line up the moon with the top of the tree....
Of course, forward a bit and to the left took me straight into the middle of oncoming traffic, but it was too much of a good opportunity to miss, so I let them hoot at me until I had a decent shot!
There was even a marching band of Santas that played festive songs in formation.
I was more interested in the stilt walkers chosen resting place...
My favourite part was the palm trees all lit up with fairy lights. What are the decorations like near where you live?
Feel free to share any photos of your home towns at Christmas time on the Positano Daily Photo facebook page, I'd love to see them!

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