Thursday, January 16

A hidden beach cottage

Hidden away at the end of one of Positanos beaches is a tiny little beach cottage. Hidden amongst the rocks and beach pines, a lot of people don't realise it's there and walk straight past.
It is everything you expect a beach cottage to be: weathered, wooden and quirky with a wonky little pathway leading up to the door.
A jutting rock hides it from the rest of the beach.
Planters made from wine boxes.
And of course it wouldn't be a beach cottage without a load of nets, lobster pots and buoys hanging off the side.
A lucky stone with a hole in it hangs off a lamp by the door...
At the moment it is quiet and closed up for the winter, but if you ever happen to see the door open it is worth asking to take a look inside. It is a treasure trove of beachy finds, hanging from the ceiling and balanced on rickety shelves.


  1. I love this little beach cottage and have always wanted a peek inside!

  2. Nicki, I sure enjoy your blogs and especially the photos. Hopefully we'll be there later this year to treasure hunt all these interesting places you have introduced us to. Thank you.

  3. Nicki, I really love your recent posts! Please keep these lovely posts coming. The pictures are beautiful and your writing so descriptive that I feel like I'm experiencing these walks. Walks that I couldn't do now due to lung disease and probably couldn't do in my youth due to asthma. I can taste the Limoncello from those lovely lemons,,,,,

  4. I love this wonky little beach cottage... it has everything you could want! BYOBug spray :-)

  5. wooooow!
    love the photos!! it looks amazing!



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