Tuesday, January 21

Big waves in Positano!

This morning we woke up to strong winds, scattered downpours and rolling seas. I decided to go down to the beach and have a closer look at the waves. On the way down I could see that the Banchina where the boats dock in the summer was almost submerged.
Down on the beach it was a bit of a mess. The waves had gone right up the beach to where the restaurants are, probably knocking over a few trash cans on the way and creating huge puddles.
And streams...
The entrance to the L'Incanto beach..
I wasn't the only one down there taking photos..
Are you ready for some waves?

Here you go:

This one nearly got me...my umbrella saved me from getting totally soaked:

And a quick video too:


  1. Amazing photos, lucky you didn't get caught :-)

  2. That's almost how I first saw Positano a year ago!

  3. Woah, this are some serious waves. I sat on the patio of Chez Black so know how fierce they must have been.


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