Monday, January 27

Sushi in Naples and the Game of 2 Horses

With all the food stalls around and after our walk to the cemetery and back we were ready for some serious lunch.
Now, Naples is famous for its pizza, but we were in the mood for something different...We kept noticing fish markets on every street corner which gave us an idea...
Japanese food! In Naples....Not a good idea, you may think, but Kukai has it nailed..Just off via Toldedo, on the borders of the Spanish quarters this place is a must if you need to eat something different.

We arrived late for lunch so we had the whole downstairs to ourselves. The decor is modern and clean. You have no idea how excited I was to eat non-Italian food! Yes, Italian food is wonderful, but so is other food and anything not Italian is far too hard to get hold of in these parts.
So when THIS plate arrived I was in heaven...I may have squealed a bit...
And the tempura...Bliss...
I'd heard about their noodle dish that 'moves on the plate'when it arrived, so naturally I had to try it. Very fine slivers of dried tuna are scattered on top of the piping hot noodles and the steam makes them sway around! I stared at it for a few seconds, it was a bit odd, moving food, but soon it was moving towards my stomach..
After lunch we wandered into Piazza Plebiscito to play the Game of 2 Horses..
You have to stand with your back to the Royal Palace, facing the Church of San Francesco di Paolo.
The aim of the game is to walk in a straight line towards the church and pass between the 2 horse statues that straddle the middle columns...blindfolded.
So you'd think it was easy right? All you have to do is concentrate on walking in a straight line...Skye started off well...
But then started heading off course...
Carlo had us in stitches, after a few seconds he was walking towards the left...
And eventually ended up back where he started, convinced he was walking in a straight line. I tried it too, knowing that I was intelligent enough to walk in a straight line, only to find myself inexplicably with my back to the church..
We all had a go, egging each other on while people walked past grinning at us. Fabri won in the end, but he was cheating really, feeling his way slowly across the white tiles to keep on the straight and narrow...

You must play this game if you're ever in Naples.

Kukai is on via Carlo de Cesare, Naples and there's another one in Capri.


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  2. I was with friends from Naples the other day. They came up from London to Oxford for a little tour, now I want to go there. Tempura Prawns and Noodles for me please . look good,

  3. Wow, I'm amazed you could get such good Japanese food in Naples! As you say, there's only so much pizza and pasta one can take!!!

    1. Believe me I was amazed too! Will definitely be going again!

  4. One thing I know we take for granted in NY. I was just speaking to a colleague last week about how much selection we have within a block of us: vegan sandwiches and organic lattes, Afghan kebabs, Greek diner, Lebanese, French, Japanese, BBQ, Shake Shack, and then your typical pizza, fried chicken and of COURSE McDonald's. Don't forget the food carts! (that was a very self-indulgent rant, sry!)


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