Wednesday, January 8

The high Pathway of the Gods, Positano

Once we'd visited the cross above Nocelle we started back down but almost immediately came across a sign pointing upwards which informed us that from here it would take 2 hours to get to the Caserma Forestale (a small refuge above Montepertuso).
We figured we could do it in less than 2 hours and we also realised that it would take us up to the higher pathway, way above the Sentiero degli Dei, the pathway of the gods.
In fact, the going was tough, at least another 40 minutes of steps uphill (hence no photos as I was grumbling and cursing about the steps) which eventually brought us up into the clouds.
Now a few years ago a big chunk of one of the mountain peaks suddenly fell off, creating a small landslide and blocking the high pathway. Carlo and I had gone up there one day to have a look and it was pretty scary, you could still hear stones rolling down and it was all very unsettled. But that was years ago.  Now we were getting close to the landslide, would we be able to pass?
Carlo went on ahead to have a look. (Actually he was just faster and brave because there was a really steep bit to climb just before I took this photo where us girls ended up crawling on our hands and knees, clinging on to branches to keep us falling off the edge of the ridiculously narrow steep path.)

We ended up climbing across those huge boulders until we rejoined the pathway on the other side. Somebody has helpfully marked out a route with pink spray paint.
There were lots of cyclamen in bloom already...
Looking back you can clearly see how much rock broke off...
And from even further away you can just pick out the pathway (just by the lowest cloud). Those huge boulders we climbed over now look like little pebbles!
It was very pretty and woodlandy, Carlo kept commenting on how it almost seemed as if we were in the woods in England...
Hmmm, but looking in the other direction it wasn't a very English view...

Thankfully on this side there were railings...
Eventually we arrived at the pine forest and knew we were getting closer to home.
Especially when we hit the area destroyed by that forest fire. Up here the damage was worse that I'd thought.
Holly absolutely loves walking in the mountains. I had my doubts because her legs are so short and stubby, but she does twice the mileage that we do as she bounds on ahead then turns around and comes back to get us...."come on come on come onnn!"
We arrived at the Caserma Forestale and started heading down the steps. As it had rained heavily for a few days the waterfall was bigger than usual..
And we discovered whose shoes were waterproof and whose weren't.
As the sun was setting we finally arrived at the zigzaggy steps that brought us back into town.
Carlos' thoughts on the day were" I had a fantastic time, I'm really glad we did that higher pathway and I'm never going to do it again!"
It was really good fun, but a hell of a lot of steps!


  1. Really nice blog. Of all the ones you have posted and I have seen, this is #1 for me. With hikes like this you certainly don't need to go to the gym for a workout. Your legs must be hard as rocks.

    1. Thanks Gary! I was worried that I was posting too many walks in the mountains!

  2. thanks for the tour! very cool and I don't blame Carlo.

  3. What a amazing walk, I'm moving to Positano in 7 weeks and this blog has been brilliant as a source of information found myself reading the entire blog in one day as it was so interesting. Oh and I will be bringing a stash of english tea bags want a box bringing?

    1. Thanks Peter, that's very kind of you but I have a huge stash of teabags here! I'll see you around soon!


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