Sunday, February 9

Cabbages and Condoms ( one day in Bangkok)

Positano in February....the quietest time of year in town. It can be hard to find a place to eat, usually one restaurant on the beach stays open and one restaurant higher up in town. This year Capriccio and C'era una Volta are the places to go.

So what do the locals do if they want something different? Well, the lucky ones go abroad, and this year I get to go away too! So following in the tradition of the Positanese I flew to Bangkok where I met up with my brother Dan. After some successful shopping in the MBK centre we headed over to the curiously named Cabbages and Condoms for lunch.....

...and found a Santa Claus made entirely of condoms...but I'm getting ahead of myself..

The restaurants motive is to promote safe sex, condoms should be an everyday part of life, something that you throw into your shopping baskets with your cabbages. Which explains why you are greeted at the entrance with condom clad characters such as these...

The restaurant is set In a colonial style building, at lunchtime you eat outside in the courtyard where condom balls (think disco balls but with condoms instead of timy mirrors) hang above your head and fans keep you cool from the heat of the day.

The cuisine is Thai, not a pizza or pasta dish in sight, so we dove in and ordered a feast. Among other things:

When lunch is finished everyone is give a condom according to gender, so I now when I get home I have to explain to Carlo why I have a female condom lurking in my suitcase.

After lunch we headed back to the airport to catch another flight, more on that soon!



  1. Looks like a nice place to eat!!! Such a great idea with mints ;)

  2. lol... O M G. Only times I've been to Thailand was to visit family but I need to venture out on my own. or Not? lol


  3. I adore BOTH Positano and Bangkok! The Thai have an incredible sense of humor (i.e.: the way they recommend condoms!). The food in Thailand is so incredible, and so few places to enjoy the real deal outside of Thailand. I've been to the shopping center in Bangkok . . . amazing. I hope you went to the huge weekend market too with tons of beautiful items at bargain prices!


  4. I wonder how many people fainted when they saw the condoms all over the place?

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