Friday, February 14

Discovering Luang Prabang

From Siem Reap we flew to Luang Prabang, a French Colonial town in Northern Laos. We spent the first day wandering around the town getting our bearings and exploring the streets. Very soon after we left the hotel we came across these steps and followed them up...
They led up Phousi Hill to the temple That Chomsi with views stretching over the city and the river Mekong.
Along the streets there were numerous food stalls selling fresh fruit shakes, sandwiches and enough types of noodles to satisfy even Goldilocks..fancy shome shoup?
We grabbed a mango and dragon fruit shake and walked through the Main Street. Luang Prabang has a laid back attitude, it felt very calm and relaxing after the chaos of Siem Reap. It also felt very comfortable and almost familiar. I can't quite describe it but it almost feels as if I already know the town..
At one temple visited along the Main Street we found this little boy trying to get into the donations box...every time we walked past he pretended he was praying and as soon as we had gone he got back to work!
We eventually sat down for a drink by the river and watched the young monks at play crossing back and forth on a bamboo bridge.
We quickly established a routine where sundown will be spent by the hotel pool, drink in one hand and skype call back home in the other..


  1. Sounds lovely! The end of the day by the pool!!! Hey are those necklaces in one of the pictures! They look like they could choke you!

  2. So interesting to discover numerous different expereiences and feel familiar to them at the same time...
    Question of a new mother: when do you start missing your child unbearably? Planning on leaving my baby son for three days and it already brings tears in my eyes!

  3. funny, but the first photo shows you going up steps. I was thinking that you escaped Positano's many steps but there they are!

  4. Wow, you're still on vacation!? Lovely photos - I look forward to visiting there on my next visit. Never been!


  5. Awesome pictures taken! I just loved the blog! Luang Prabang is a beautiful city in Laos is well known for its natural as well as historical places. The different "wats" i.e temples make it even more pure and sanctified. Want to experience a wonderful tour to the marvelous and dazzling city of Luang Prabang then contact All Asia Travel and avail various lucrative tour packages.


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