Wednesday, February 19

Kuang Si Waterfalls..prettier than Positano!

Dan and I rented out scooters and set off for the Kuang Si Waterfalls, about 25 kms outside Luang Prabang (in Laos). Dan hadn't driven a scooter many times before and was a bit hesitant at first...So I didn't tell him that I actually hadn't drive one myself since before Skye was born and was a bit worried myself...

But it all went fine and we got out of the city and slowly puttered along the country roads at 30 km per hour. We passed rice paddies and small villages with kids that waved from the side of the road, dodging chickens and cows that wandered around freely.

Eventually we pulled up at the gates to the falls, bought a ticket and walked in...
This is what greeted our eyes:
It was amazing, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen...
We had a quick paddle, the water was cool and the rocks were non-slip!

We carried on up the path and found an even bigger waterfall.
We found a pathway on the left hand side and followed it up for about 20 minutes until we came to a flat flooded woodland area at the top of the falls.
We paddled through to the other side, crossing the deeper parts on bamboo bridges.
And eventually climbed back down the other side. I didn't want to leave here, I could have gone back to sit and gaze at the pools of blue water every day, but we dragged ourselves away and drove slowly back into town.
By the way, please don't tell our Dad we hired scooters, he won't be very happy about it!


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  2. Hi Nicki , such a fabulous place, I would not say it is prettier than Positano , I would say "different" beautiful waterfalls and the greenery is lush ♥

  3. I agree - hauntingly beautiful but not better than Positano!


  4. WOW! What a stunningly beautiful place. :-) I found your blog through Lisa at Renovating Italy and am so glad I did. :-)

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