Thursday, February 27

Skiing near Positano!

We get the occasional dusting of snow in Positano, but only on the tops of the mountains, it hardly ever snows down in town. So what does one do for a bit of winter sport in Positano?

You might be surprised to know that you can go skiing from Positano and back in a day! Lago Laceno is a small ski resort only about an hour and a half drive inland from Positano. You almost don't believe it is going to be there until you arrive and see the snow for yourself!
We left Positano on a cloudy grey day and a couple of hours later were kitted up with day passes and skis, making our way up the mountain on the ski lift..
I am the only one who know how to ski. I thought I would be able to teach the others...
Skye actually picked it up fairly quickly....either that or she was just very good at sliding down the baby slope without losing her balance.

Carlo do I put this...rubbish..
He tried to move, wobbled and fell, got his skis in a tangle, fell the other way, got up and promptly fell again. I'm not even sure how he got to the bottom of the baby slope as at that point it stated snowing so thickly I couldn't see him anymore.
It really was a blizzard. Skye wanted to keep going so We carried on until Carlo begged to go back down. At that point I realized that they were not going to be able to ski down the mountain, so they headed off to the lifts and let me loose on the slopes.
Did I mention it was blizzarding? I didn't have any goggles, or even sunglasses, so as I skied the snow hit my eyes and it stung. It was blinding me, I couldn't see where I was going and kept having to stop to shut my eyes. It felt like it was never ending although it probably only took about 15 minutes.
 My hair was frozen, my scarf had turned into a snow magnet and my coat was wet through, but it was sooo exhilarating! I would never forget my glasses again!! I wanted to go back up but the weather was getting worse so we called it a day.
We had left the car in the main carpark of the town, not a snowflake to be seen when we arrived. However on our return the car was buried under 6 inches of snow and the police were not letting anyone leave without snow chains on their cars. It took half an hour plus 4 helpful passers by and at one point an entire bus load of people who got off to give their opinion but finally we got the chains on. Numb fingers anyone?
So now we know, the way to do it is to check the weather beforehand, go on a sunny day, not when snow is forecast. We know to take goggles or glasses. We know to take a FULL change of clothes for afterwards...But best of all we know that we can go skiing for the day whenever we want from Positano!


  1. That does not seem possible Nicki , and well done to Skye , I think she will be able to do more.. I will say also well done to Carlo , as I cannot ski either , well done for giving it a go . I would be like him too .. at least he gave it a go!!.

  2. The amount of snow you had up there , amazing. I see you ski without helmets , just and observation.

  3. Your close up is very Dr Zchivago! Never would have believed Positano could get even a light dusting of snow up on the hillsides after experiencing the extreme heat last summer - how wonderful!

  4. Never realized that there was skiing so close to you. I remember by cousins from Naples talking about the long rides to the mountains for skiing. Beautiful pictures, as usual, especially the ones of: Skye, Carlos and you!


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