Monday, February 24

The secret little blowhole

As the sky turns molten and the people turn into silhouettes I wander over to the Banchina to see what's going on.
Four little girls taking photos of the sunset...and then they remember the blowhole has been repaired! They rush on over...
And take it in turns to stand on the newly fitted grill and wait....
As the waves hit the edge of the pier a gust of wind is pushed up through the blowhole and makes their hair stand on end...
It's strong today, I have a go and my sweater and scarf get blown upwards by the force of the air..Best not to try this in a dress...
I leave the girls shrieking away and turn back towards the sea..
Antonio has come down to take some photos too. We happily snap away and compare the results..
When the sun has gone it suddenly feels colder. The beach empties, we can't wait to get home and snuggle down for the evening.


  1. What a lovely secret to have shared. and that gorgeous winter Positano light!

  2. Now I will feel like a local when we share our little secret!
    Your photos are fabulous~


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