Monday, March 17

Breakfast at Bar Internazionale

Who doesn't enjoy an occasional second breakfast? In Positano in the off-season the Bar Internazionale is the (almost only) place to be if you want to stop for a cornetto and coffee and maybe a chat. Let's go in and see what they have today...
Strangely for 9am it's almost empty..Maybe we're early, or too late? No matter, let's grab a corner table and and made ourselves comfortable.
There are a few old photographs on the wall that everyone loves looking at. They show the old proprietor of the bar standing at the wall outside with his megaphone, announcing to the townsfolk what the bar had to offer.
I love the fact that the megaphone is still there, hanging above the bar.
In the morning there is a selection of pastries, donuts, cookies and cakes, typical Italian breakfast fare. But around midday the stock changes to slices of pizza, sandwiches, stuffed rolls and flatbreads, all with a selection of fillings and toppings. On Sundays there are trays of biscottini, tiny little pastries and cookies on trays of varying sizes that are bought and taken to Sunday Lunch, often at a relatives house.
Near the till there is a fantastic selection of sweets and chocolates that look as if they have just arrived from the last century. I often end up buying them just to have the pretty box in my bag!
And while there is nobody here, let me show you the tables. All the tables in the bar have hand painted pictures of Positano. This map is everybody's favourite.
 If you'll excuse me my second breakfast is waiting at my table, are you going to have something too?


  1. Thank you Nicki for sharing this post about bar internazionale and your second breakfast. I quite fancy a cappuccino too :-)

  2. One of my favourite spots. A Spritz or Gin Tonic as apertivo....penne and good wine next door at Antonino's and a grappa or limoncello again at the the moonlight waiting for the last bus to Montepertuso...

  3. Hey Nicki, love the little boxes with the candy's in them. I'd buy them all up too.
    For my first breakfast I'm having a Jamaican Beef Patti. Second breakfast I think I better skip that and go right to lunch! Maybe my banana if I absolutely have to!

  4. Stopped in there many a time, had a cappuccino and some of those lovely pastries. Often waited for the bus there to go to Sorrento. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  5. Hi Nicki thanks for sharing this fabulous place , and you answered my question without me asking , I was going to ask , can I see the tables please .. I do that too , with the delightful Leone sweets , they sell them in a lovely little sweet shop in Oxford. I just had a look a table photos again , and I like the one you were sitting at, just to be different . thanks once again Nicki xx


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