Monday, March 24

Escape to Rome

Rome is only about three hours away from Positano but it's not often that I manage to get there. This weekend was special though, so I hauled myself up the steps and took a couple of trains up to the city for the weekend. I was meeting up with Annika, one of my closest friends who unfortunately lives far too far away in Sweden. Annika was going to run the Marathon so I invited myself to keep her company...from the sidelines of course!
We met up at The Beehive, a lovely little eco hotel with an organic cafe, owned by an American couple that are friends of Annikas. Just as we were finished getting ready for the evening, Linda the owner knocked on our door, ready to join us with a few other friends.
We took a taxi to a little Piazza with trees full of fairy lights and proceeded to have a fantastic evening...
...with some rather special people. It was lovely to see Sara and Arlene again after far too many years and it was a huge honor to finally meet Shelley who I've always been in awe of and to discover what a lovely fun girl she is....Almost made me want to move to Rome...
The next morning we headed of to Panella for breakfast.
The bread in the windows are works of art, I wonder what they taste like?
But bread wasn't going to hit the spot when there was apple strudel like this on offer:

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the city arm in arm...No, not really, I just hugged Annika any time someone pointed a camera at us..

We stopped for a long lazy lunch in a sweet corner cafe.
And we walked it off afterwards by climbing up the Spanish Steps to see the view from the Villa Borghese.
For dinner Annika had to start carb-loading for the next day, so we headed over to Mamma Angela's and stuffed ourselves with bruschetta, pasta and panna cotta...Of course with a marathon looming in the morning that was pretty much it for the evening so we headed back to our room full, sleepy but excited for the next day...


  1. How fantastic that you got to go and support Annika and that she is friends with the people from the Beehive, I have not been but I follow on FB. Great few days with Great friends Old and new and of course we cannot forget Amazing Annika !! xx

  2. Panella! I used to live right by there! And I met Arlene on a trip back about four years ago. Looks like a fun get-together--I'm jealous!

  3. Panella is the perfect coffee and treat spot!
    Glad you had fun as a 'tourist' in Rome.

  4. Maybe you could split your time 50/50 Rome and Positano!

  5. aaaaahhhhhh I'm just dying to get back again, can't stop looking at photos and videos! Unfortunately I have to go to work in an hour or so but AAAAAHHHHH this weekend was so great! Simple and different but I am so happy about every little second of it (except maybe for when I decided to stop and use the porta-loo after 7.5k of the marathon, but that's another story... ugh. Let's just say that I wasn't tempted to go again.) Why is Italy so far away???

  6. It was so fun to see you again after all this time and to finally meet Annika in person.

    I hope we'll get together soon, in Positano. x

  7. OT but your hair looks great! I love the length and it looks so thick and healthy xox


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