Thursday, March 20

Foraging for wild asparagus

I stepped out the gate and found a neighbour crouched down on the pathway, picking dandelion leaves from the crevices in the wall. I had heard it is the season for wild asparagus, but I wasn't sure what they looked like so I grabbed my chance and asked the neighbour. " Hehe, they're everywhere here!" He chuckled and without even taking a step he pointed to this. Right outside the door.
I thanked him and later on organised a foraging crew and we set off into the woods.
Found one !
Once you know what you're looking for it becomes really easy to find them. 
Skye wonders if that's one all the way up there...

Holly is not impressed..she thought we were going on a proper walk..
 The animals get bored and start to argue amongst themselves.
"It wasn't me mum, she started it...She was shouting at me.."
Meanwhile Skye tries to be a good little forager, but picked mainly weeds.
And we soon have enough to feed everybody at dinnertime! The weather has suddenly got warm so we've invited friends over for a BBQ..What would you do with a bunch of wild asparagus?


  1. drizzle with oil, toss with fresh pepper and sea salt, roast in oven at 400 degrees f. or on BBQ lay them flat on a sheet of aluminum foil, cover with another sheet of foil to make a large flat package poke a few holes in it and lay on the BBQ turning it over after 5 min total time of 10 min., but that depends on how hot your coals are.

  2. I used to go to Telluride, Colorado to vacation and the house we rented had wild asparagus that grew along the fence line in the back yard. We would go fishing and catch rainbow trout and grill it alongside our freshly picked asparagus. Delicious!! Fond childhood memories,

  3. What a lovely post for the first day of Spring! We had snow flurries today so really enjoyed "walking" along with you on the path :)

  4. I would bathe in it and pray I would be zapped to Positano...just kidding. During asparagus season here on Long Island we make risotto, either just with asparagus or with lemon.


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