Friday, March 7

What's growing in Positano in March

I looked out the window this morning and noticed blossom had started to appear on the plum trees. It's a blustery day with bright blue skies so let's go outside and see what's growing in the garden.
First of all, everybody's favourite, the giant bread lemons. The tree is still covered in netting to protect the fruit from the winds and the cold, but underneath the lemons are thriving.
This one is bordering on ridiculous, but inside as usual it will be all pith and not much lemon.
Tiger sits and watches. I don't like her at the moment, she refuses to use the cat flap at night and wakes me every morning at 4am to be let out the door, grrrr.
Oranges are ripening, the trees all have ladders leaning on them to encourage us to pick as many as possible.
But so far, I have no need to climb into the trees, the wind does the job for me.
I just collect the fallen oranges from the ground and juice them every day.
Broccoli grows in stops and starts. Sometimes there's none and then a few days later it's thriving again.
The greenhouse is the place to go when we need lettuce. It's also a lovely place to sit and bask in the accumulated warmth when it is cold outside. Little strawberry plants in the planters are starting to flower too.
Lilly sits on the pergola most of the day, she is nicer than Tiger, she sleeps all night long!
More lemons, the normal version, have finally turned yellow under their netting.
Some of our favourite dishes are made with these and I'll be sharing them soon.
I've been back from my holiday for 2 weeks now, but still haven't been down to the beach. The weather has been changeable with rain, hail and storms, although sunny days appear intermittently too. But hunkering down at home feels good for now, there's been plenty to do around the garden and the house.

The busy season is about to start, restaurants are already slowly re-opening and soon the first tourists will trickle into town. This winter in Positano is almost over.


  1. I love all the natural growth there! I love your kitty cats thanks for showing them. My Stevie, wakes me up at least once a night and wants to petted, kneading me and head butting me. I can't wait for Spring!!! Here it is a long way a way.

  2. A fabulous garden , how amazing to have all these at your finger tips :-) xox

  3. Thank you for sharing. It all looks amazing! We are still buried in snow here in Canada. What do the bread lemons get used for?

  4. I have the same questions as Kathy about the bread lemons...can they be used for lemoncello?

    Can't wait to see your lemon recipes! I absolutely love all things lemon :)


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