Wednesday, March 5

Yoga in Positano

Last year before we moved house I did pilates every day at home and went to the gym about 4 times a week. Then we moved so far away from the road that it took a month to manually transfer all our belongings to the new house and my exercise routine fell by the wayside.

Then I realized that just coming and going home two or three times a day (especially with 4 bags of groceries) was a pretty good workout in itself and I gave up on everything else. Until the other day when I was invited to join in the yoga classes at La Selva.

La Selva is about the same distance away from the road as where I live, just in the next valley along, so I walked down from Montepertuso.
After a few gloomy days of rain the sun was shining and the sea was blue.
This is the entrance and you can see the main building down on the right. The first time I came to visit here, years ago, there were no railings and it was nighttime! It's a bit safer now though!
We walked through the garden terraces, down to the yoga studio and rolled out our mats.
Christiano led the way. I'd actually never tried yoga before, it was very pleasant, especially...
 ...with the sounds of this waterfall gushing away beside the studio, almost too perfect!
 I tried to concentrate again without wobbling too much...
...but it's actually quite hard to keep your head looking downwards when you have this view from the window:

 After the class finished I decided to walk down into Positano with some of the other girls. It was too nice to just go straight home again.
 The cemetery looked lovely in the sunlight so I went for a walk around there.
 And then climbed back up the other side of the valley towards home.
 La Selva offers yoga retreats and courses all throughout the summer. It also has some pretty cool rooms if you want to stay somewhere off the beaten track.
I feel all stretched out after my class and hike this morning, I'll be going back again soon for sure!


  1. Ciao Nicki! This is beautiful ... wish it wasn't such an adventure for me to get there from home. I'd love to go! I do yoga nearly every day at home. Love it! You do get a great workout already with all those steps. :-)

  2. Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to try yoga here are I loved doing it years ago. But the trek from my place in summer would wear me out before I got there. One day...

  3. What an extraordinary spot for a yoga practice. I look forward to trying a class or two there in July.

  4. What a beautiful place for the yoga studio - such views! A far cry from my view at my yoga studio. xxoo

  5. I am on holidays for 2 weeks in Positano, and am looking for a few yoga classes to do. I do not have face book, so am finding it difficult to contact the yoga school you are talking about. Have looked at their website, but the email address they have has bounced back. Any idea how I can contact them? thanks, Katherine from Australia


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