Thursday, April 10

A beautiful day for walkies!

Yesterday was foggy. A thick dark cloud hung over the whole Amalfi Coast all day long making spring seem a lifetime away. But then last night it suddenly got windy. Very windy, I actually thought there was someone stomping around in the garden and got up at one point to investigate, only to find a store cupboard door banging instead.

 And then this morning, the glorious reveal. The sun rose cast a rose gold hue over the sea and the sky was clear. As soon as we stepped outside we knew it was the right kind of day for a long, lazy walk around town.
Walking down towards town the sea sparkled in front of us in that special way that happens only after a windy night. The countryside around us was awash with blooming plants that I swear weren't there when we were asparagus picking 2 weeks ago.
On Sunday the sea was a bright Caribbean blue, today it was navy blue.
See how happy Holly is?
We walked all through town. It took ages as everybody we met was in the mood for a chat, so we stopped countless times along the way, ducking into shops, sitting on the wall along the roadside, being offered coffee wherever we went.
Isn't it amazing how the weather can affect peoples moods? So many happy people today!
We walked up the road towards Fornillo and then ducked down the steps towards the beach. I love this little window along the way:
Fornillo beach was almost empty. A handful of people lay sunbathing and two brave souls were swimming. Soon the construction of the beach bars will commence.
Heading over towards the main beach we watched a couple of ferries come in. See how the water has changed colour again?
We stopped by the jetty for a while to sit in the sun with friends and then made our way up to Piazza Mulini to admire the wisteria and sit down for some lunch.
I hope this weather sticks around for a while and that the fog has blown away for good!


  1. I love all the pictures. Thank you Nicki. Do you think you can stand under the window where Diane Lane called for Marcello? That would be a cool pic. Checking out the webcam now that spring has arrived! Happy Walkies. I hope our weather gets better as well. Can't complain about today but it is windy out!

    1. I would have to actually watch the film again to figure out which window that is...although vaguely know where it is..

  2. Great post Nicki! Only 72 days until I will be back! Where are the steps down to Fornillo? We rent an apartment on the staircase down to Spaggia Grande, but have yet to find the Fornillo steps!

    1. If you walk up the road (against the traffic) or take a bus to Fornillo Grotto you can just walk along the pathway and follow the steps down, eventually you will arrive at the beach!


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