Tuesday, April 29

Handmade Sandals in Positano- La Botteguccia

I've talked about Dino before, but it was a long time ago and fashions change and shops get refitted, so I thought we should pay him another visit. If you walk straight up from the jetty, past the bar, past the restaurant with the tables on the left, past the newly opened tourist office, you will arrive in this little Piazza:
And on your left you will find Dino and his little sandal shop, La Botteguccia. If you're lucky he'll whip you up a pair of handmade sandals in 5 minutes. If it's really busy you might have to wait a teensy bit longer!
The choices are endless..
Simple leather, day-glo, with crystals or without, you name it, Dino will try to create it.
Just like this:
Personally I want the zebra striped ones...hands off, they're mine!
Endless possibilities!

I met Dino when I was about 18 and over the years have  worn to death many of his sandals. 
Three random facts:
 Dino actually supervised my driving before I had passed my driving test in the UK (I could drive on a provisional license as long as there was someone over 21 with a full license with me.) 

Many years ago Dino was invited, with another friend of his, to stay at my parents house in the UK for a few days. They ended up staying a month and cooked amazing Italian meals for everyone every  day.

When I first came to live in Positano I worked in a store near Dino and when there were no customers I would help him make sandals!


  1. I remember buying sandals here. :)

  2. Lovely story! I always enjoy your insights into the talented citizens of the area because we get to see more than we do when we are just visitors.


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