Tuesday, April 8

Herculaneum Street Market

If you're ever in Naples or even the suburbs in the morning you must visit one of the street markets. Walking out of  the Herculaneum site the other day I decided to introduce Dad to the cheapest way to shop for food in Italy.
Once you step out the gate you just need to walk up the street and turn down the second side street on the left.
It's always party time here with, bedecked with Italian style bunting and bustling with people no matter what the weather is like.
I always make a beeline straight for the shellfish stall and pick up a kilo of mixed shellfish. The stallholder grabs a bag and fills it with fistfuls form each bowl.
Crates of fresh mussels at Euro 3.50 per kilo...lemons and aperitivi cost extra!
It was pouring with rain but everyone had large umbrellas to duck under. I picked up a bunch of 6 bananas here for 1 euro. (If you haven't guessed I can't figure out how to type the Euro sign ).
A bag of local mela nurca apples here for 2 euro.
And then Dad found the fish stand and declared that he had never tried fresh anchovies...
So at 3 euro a kilo we snapped up a bag and also picked up a pesce bandiera (long slinky silvery fish on the right of the photo below) which possibly translates to flag fish which means nothing to an English man.So we had to get one.
I promised him he would like it and reassured him that I know what to do with it (grill it on the BBQ and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar) and off we went with a big bagful of fresh fish.
We ate most of the bananas on the train home, cooked up a feat with the fresh fish for dinner and had apple crumble for dessert.  Cheap eats from the market all at under 10 euro!


  1. That kind of thing brings tears to my eyes! lol! Even living on the coast here (between the Atlantic and the Long Island Sound) seafood is pretty pricey. If I had more time I'd catch it myself! BTW the euro symbol on some keyboards is alt+0128 See--> € or Ctrl+Alt+E. Depends on your keyboard I think, though :/

    1. Thanks Em! I knew someone would tell me, I've googled it a million tmes and always forget because I also have to goole 'how to hashtag on a mac' and how to find degrees sign on a mac' etc.....I miss windows symbols!

  2. There's been a bit of an, er, dry spell at work lately but, happily, it's left me with the time to read your ENTIRE blog over the last two weeks. It's been so fun! I've visited Positano three times and, like so many, have wondered what it would be like to live there. Thanks for sharing your experiences; your writing and photos are fantastic!

    1. Here's to more dry spells at work then! thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed reading! xx


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