Wednesday, April 23

Lunch at Casa e Bottega

And with the beginning of spring all of our favourite places to eat are re-opening again. On a warm April day we headed down to Casa e Bottega for a lunch with a difference..

Once we'd stopped gazing around at the fabulous ceramics and the new and ethereal jellyfish hanging from the ceiling we managed to place our orders. Casa e Bottega serves fresh, organic, locally produced meals with an emphasis on health rather than the usual pasta and pizza dishes that are so popular.

Fresh zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta, served with warm homemade bread with zucchini pieces rolled into it, and a small burrata in a pot to eat with the bread.
Zucchini flower power!
Somebody wasn't getting fed and it wasn't Carlo..

Carlo ordered the chicken and avocado salad with fresh green beans and baby rocket. I stole quite a lot from hom. Highly recommended.. (the salad, not stealing from others).

I sat facing the dessert table and could hear it calling to me to save some space for afterwards.

What to choose? Fresh strawberry tart, chocolate almond cake, flourless chocolate cake, strawberry muffins and cream....
In the end we shared a light tiramisu' and a lice of chocolate almond cake, swapping halfway as we often do. (Do you do that, order 2 different dishes, eat half and then swap? Twice as many dishes for half as less....or something...)
Poor Holly was not impressed, we were far too greedy to share it with her.
The next day it was raining, but I happened to pass by Casa e Bottega again and found a friend sheltering inside. I ended up staying again for lunch and can also highly recommend the salmon sandwich!


  1. That looks beautiful! I'd love to meet you there for lunch. :-)

  2. This looks absolutely beautiful , what I fabulous place to have lunch or dinner :-)

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I wanted to visit last summer, but notice a sign forbidding taking pictures and it frightened me off. I can't wait to try it in a few weeks.

  4. I really love this idea! NYC has many places like this but the 'burbs are still catching up.

    A. will not share. He says he orders what he wants and so does not need to share :( I'd be more than happy if he changed his ways


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