Monday, April 14

Rock climbing in Positano

Skye recently turned 11 so we decided to treat her to some rock climbing lessons with La Selva in Positano. We met up with our instructor, Adriano, after school one afternoon and walked up to the beginner cliffs near Montepertuso.
Positano actually has about 300 different climbing routes for experienced climbers. I'm surprised that more people don't come here to climb.
Adriano told us that Skye is one of only five local kids that have tried out climbing. I think something needs to be done about that, it should be part of the school curriculum!
Adriano showed us how to tie on the rope in a double figure of eight, and how to work the safety harness. He then, quickly scrambled up to the top of the cliff to attach the rope before it was Skyes turn.

He followed her up for a bit to show her how to place her feet and where to put her weight...
And then she was off..No flexibility problems there!
She did pretty well for the first time.
Lookin' like a pro..

And, yes, I had a go too! That's me up there!
And I remembered to stuff my phone down my top so that I could take a photo from the top.
Rather shakily.. I admit I did have one of those 'wtf am I doing up here omg I'm going to get stuuuuuck' moments, before pulling myself back together, having to let go of the rock with my hands, leaning backwards and abseiling back down to the lovely lovely ground.
After another couple of climbs we moved over to the stalactite cliff, where there is a huge tree trunk like rock formation that is supposed to be really fun to climb.
I chickened out because to get to it we had to balance on this ledge, which felt scary enough for me..
Skye attempted a climb but also got scared. Luckily she is so light that Adriano just lowered her back down with the rope!
Within about half an hour of finishing she had decided that it was great fun and "could we go again on Sunday please?"

If you're interested in rock climbing while in Positano you can contact La Selva to either organize lessons or get information on where to go.


  1. Beautiful view, definitely not something I would do with my fear of heights.

  2. Not for me, but Antonio would love to do it.

  3. Great piece. You are right; every kid should learn to climb. It makes you face your fears and make decisions along the way-hence life. I learned to climb in Northern Ontario. My guide made sure we had three holds at the same time- one hand, two feet, etc- I got to the top and there was a ledge so I just muscled my way up, got scolded, was told to come down and start all over again. Need to follow the rules or you'll suffer. Gee, that's life too. I hope Skye does it again and gets some her friends to do it with her. I'm proud of you for doing it and yes sometimes it is shaky, but so exhilarating.

  4. I have always wanted to give abseiling a go , but far to chicken , the bit where you have to lean back ,, Skye is the type of girl who will try anything , I think. Yes maybe children should learn to climb ,but I don't think every child wants too .. Well done though Skye and well done to you for giving it a go too :-) x

  5. Wow! Most kids would go to Maccas for their birthday. Would wonderful experiences you are sharing with her. Well done

  6. Looks fabulous! And I agree that all kids should give rock climbing a go, it's great exercise and brilliant for confidence building :)

  7. Yay! Skye is so talented. And you too, girl! As you know we love climbing but I look forward to Giada being able to climb real rocks--just walls on Long Island I'm afraid.

  8. Oh my goodness this looks fabulous! I will be going to Positano this August with my family from San Diego, CA, USA and was wondering if you can give me some information regarding the climbing company you went with? Please help.

    1. Tjere are links in the blog post... Click on the words 'La Selva' and it will lead you to their website.


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