Friday, April 4

We are Happy from Positano VIDEO!

The other morning after the school run I made my way up to Nocelle to take some photos. Instead I ended up dancing in the streets when I came across a group of friends making a video to the Pharrel Williams 'Happy' song.
For 2 days they roamed around town stopping anyone and everyone and begging them to dance.
From the steps of Nocelle...
Down to the beach and everywhere inbetween...
Taking precarious selfies along the way..
Here's the finished video, enjoy!! (I'm in it somewhere too!)


  1. Fantastic , all look super happy :-) x

  2. I just love how videos like this are being made to this song all over the world, such fun and we are all happier just watching! :)

  3. I saw you!

    When Darth Vader showed up, I lost it. Fun video.

  4. Great video! Love these videos...makes me happy just watching. Great way to showcase Positano too!

  5. Neat video. I think that you were the only person I recognized.

  6. Loved it but where is sweet Maria Lampo?

    1. Probably too scared to be 'put on the internet' like a lot of oldies here!


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