Monday, May 26

Kayaking on our day off.

For the first time in ages we manage to get a day off at the same time with nothing to do! The weather was perfect so we walked down to the beach and set off in the kayaks.
 Obligatory selfie in the sea:
The sea was clear and calm but too cold for me..
Holly LOVES kayaking. She gets a bit confused though when there are two of us and can never decide who to be with, so we let her take it in turns:
She hops from one to the other quite happily.
I took her into a little cave but I get easily scared in dark drippy places so we quickly came out again.
She found the floating seagulls much more interesting and nearly launched herself into the sea..
Eventually we arrive at Laurito and stop for lunch but that is a blog post in itself.
And spend the afternoon lazing on the beach.
Late in the afternoon the wind picked up, as it often does in the summer. Kayaking back to Positano was a complete nightmare, the wind was strong and we were paddling against it. The sea had become choppy and we got soaked by cold spray, my sunglasses were covered in droplets and salt, but I couldn't stop to clean them as I would have been propelled backwards by the wind.

The only thing to do was to keep paddling onwards, wincing when hit by the waves and trying to ignore the muscles in our arms screaming at us to stop for a small rest.

Taking photos was NOT an option!

We arrived back on the main beach safe and sound, windswept, soaked and salty, thinking 'never again' but we know we'll be doing it again the next time we get a day off with nothing else to do!


  1. What a great idea to kayak to Da Adolfo! I can't wait to read your post about lunch.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Must be some kind of a rule that the wind always picks up on your way home when you are worn out from a day of fun!

  3. Great post - looking forward to lunch!


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