Monday, May 19

Positano life phone photos.

 A selection of photos taken with my phone in the last week:

A beautiful day for a bike ride to Praiano.
The view from my wing miror.
A very unhealthy Nutella Pizza ordered for dessert (and shared between 5).
Trying to run on the pathway but snakes keep throwing themselves at me from the walls....Not happy.
Found a new place to go running, a pine forest not far from Positano!
The view while I run:
The harbour at Piano di Sorrento.
Holly travels like this:
Choosing plants at the flower store in Positano.
Oops, dug up this little fellow while gardening!


  1. I am traumatized by the idea of snakes flinging themselves at you during your run!

  2. Particularly love the Holly photo!

  3. Nice to see your little vignettes of Positano life back again. I thought we only had snakes on walks here in Oz! Will be more mindful next time I go trekking up there again.


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